Bridenstine To Lead NASA, Website Reports

Friday, August 18th 2017, 5:56 am
By: Grant Hermes

A report from the website NASA Watch says Oklahoma Congressman Jim Bridenstine may be the new head of NASA.

The website, which is ran by a former NASA employee, says Rep. Bridenstine's name has been on the top of the list to lead the space agency for months. His military service and exploration advocacy made him an attractive candidate for the job.

The report's writer Keith Cowing said "Bridenstine's views seem to resonate well with a lot of what seems to be buzzing around inside the heads of TrumpSpace people."

Bridenstine has been a vocal supporter of NASA and U.S. space exploration for years. The former Navy combat pilot also served as the director for Tulsa Air and Space museum.

If Bridenstine is offered and accepts the position, the state will need to hold a special election for Oklahoma's first district, and special elections are not cheap on taxpayers.

We reached out to Bridenstine's office but did not receive a comment back. NASA Watch says the formal announcement from the White House could happen around Labor Day.