Flooding A Continuing Problem At Boys And Girls Club

Wednesday, August 23rd 2017, 5:35 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

Folks at the Boys and Girls Club spent most of Wednesday cleaning up after Tuesday night's flooding. Several rooms were under water.  

Unfortunately, cleaning up standing water isn't out of ordinary for those at the Boys and Girls Club. This is the third time they have had significant flooding in the past few years.

“This can’t keep happening,” said Teena Belcik, the CFO of the Boys and Girls Club.

It started in 2014, when a park behind the club was renovated. So far, the flooding has cost the club hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages.

“It’s very hard for a non-profit,” said Belcik. “When we raise money we put those dollars toward kids and doing things that make and impact in their lives. So, it’s hard to raise money for things that don’t directly do that.”

Right now, it looks like they will have to raise more money to fix the overlying problem. An engineer has recommended a flume system to divert the water around the building.

“It’s a fairly expensive fix,” said Belcik.

The club is currently accepting bids to see how much that will cost.