Edmond Drivers Ignoring School Bus Stop Signs

Tuesday, August 29th 2017, 6:47 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

A very dangerous situation in Edmond - parents in the neighborhood near 2nd Street and Bryant say cars are ignoring the stop signs on the school bus and just speeding by while kids are trying to get on.  

News 9’s camera set up at the bus drop off Tuesday afternoon and sure enough we saw at least five cars ignoring the stop sign on the bus and speeding by.

“Some of the cars you see through the window, they’re just oblivious, they’re like zombies,” said Traci Sekulovski, a parent of a kindergartener.

Traci took cell phone video of car after car doing the same thing at a morning pick up.

“We were out in front of the bus and we were waving our hands an holding up our phones,” she said.

That didn't work and neither did the bus driver honking his horn. So, the parents called Edmond police who posted three officers at the stop and promptly pulled over three drivers.

But Traci says even that didn't stop the other drivers, so Tuesday morning this Edmond police officer pulled in behind the bus to try and deter traffic.

It's Oklahoma law that drivers going both ways must stop when a school bus is stopped on two lane and multi-lane highway and drivers behind the bus have to stop on a divided highway.

“Think of yourself as if it were your kid getting on the bus,” said Traci.

Edmond police say school bus drivers who catch someone not stopping can take down a driver's information and police will send them a letter.