OK National Guard Sends More Help With Harvey Relief Efforts

Monday, September 4th 2017, 8:42 am
By: Amy Avery

This weekend, hundreds of service members were deployed to Texas to help with Harvey recovery efforts and more troops could be on the way.

On Sunday, 400 service members left the reserve center in Mustang, one day after some of their colleagues were deployed from Norman.

Some of the service members from Norman just got back from Ukraine, but that unit was told on Wednesday that they were being sent to Texas and Louisiana to help and they left on Saturday.

The National Guardsmen and women have been deployed to disasters like this before including the 2013 Moore tornado, Hurricane Katrina, and even the World Trade Centers after 9/11, and they say it's hard to see devastation like this. 

"Compassion is why a lot of us stay in because a lot of the National Guard job is to go in and help when disaster strikes, so it's hard to separate yourself from it, but you're also there to do a job," said Lt. Col. Adam Headrick, commander of the 1st Battalion, 179th Infantry Regiment, Task Force Tomahawk.

Headrick said they don't have a timeline on how long they could be there, but the National Guard said more soldiers could head to Texas this week.