Oklahoma City Officials Campaign For 'Better Streets, Safer City'

Tuesday, September 5th 2017, 6:59 pm
By: Karl Torp

Oklahoma city neighbors go to the polls in one week to make some very serious decisions. At issue is how to spend close to a billion dollars in city bond projects.

The Sept 12th bond election has been dubbed “Better Streets, Safer City” by Oklahoma City Officials. There are 15 different items that voters will decide on next Tuesday.

There are 13 bond projects totaling $967 million. Along with that, a quarter of a penny sales tax increase will provide 129 more police officers and 57 firefighters if approved. Voters will also decide on a MAPS penny sale tax extension that will provide another $240 million for roads.

Potentially $847 million will be spent on road improvements.

“We are rated the eighth worse in the U.S. for the quality of your streets,” says President of the Greater OKC Chamber, Roy Williams.

Meanwhile, OKC city staff is taken to social media to turn out the vote.

“People are probably going to get sick of seeing Better Streets, Safer City, but that’s what we want,” says OKC Communications and Marketing Director Zach Nash.

Nash has used Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the Nextdoor app to get the word out about the election and its ballot.