Norman, Edmond Residents Experiencing Water Issues

Wednesday, September 6th 2017, 6:12 am
By: News 9

If you live in Edmond or Norman, you may have noticed your water tastes and smells a little off lately, but it is safe to drink. 

Both cities are combating the same problem. It's that time of year where, due to recent rains and the change in temperature, the water at Lake Arcadia for Edmond residents and Lake Thunderbird for Norman residents is starting to turn. 

In Edmond, the current issue stems from dissolving algae in Arcadia Lake.

The increased number of blooms over the summer  and their breakdown have triggered the water's earthy or musty odor and taste.

To help combat  the problem, the City of Edmond is increasing the level of ozone used in the water treatment process.

In Norman, the musty taste and odor could last up to five weeks.

Improvement efforts include temporary treatment aimed at reducing the taste and odor compounds. 

The treatment costs about $2,000 per week and will continue through the fall.

Also, the Norman water treatment plant is currently undergoing a $35 million upgrade that includes new ozone treatment process improvements to enhance the water quality.

Again, the water is safe to drink and will take a few weeks before getting back to normal.