Jury Being Selected For 2014 Beheading Case

Monday, September 11th 2017, 6:42 pm
By: News 9

Alton Nolen's trial starts this week. On Monday, he appeared in court for jury selection.

33-year-old Nolen is accused of beheading an employee at the Vaughan Foods plant in Moore in September 2014.

Jury selection began Friday. On Monday, potential jurors went in and out of the courtroom. A few people were dismissed from the first two panels. Every group after that was dismissed.

Cleveland County District Attorney Greg Mashburn said they have enough to make a jury selection from.

Alton Nolen was in the courtroom wearing an orange jumpsuit. The suspect seemed like he was not paying much attention, plugging his ears and closing his eyes. Nolen would occasionally sway in his chair. 

Over the last three years, this has been a very high profile case with multiple people injured and the gruesome beheading of a woman named Colleen Hufford. 

The district attorney tells us he will be seeking the death penalty, so picking the jury involves some very heavy questions. 

"We've been talking to them about pre-trial publicity, what they know about the case, and if they can set that aside, only base their decisions based on what happens in the courtroom," Mashburn said. 

The jurors were asked if they could consider all three punishment options of death, life with the possibility of parole and life without the possibility of parole. Anyone who was firm one way or another was dismissed.  

On Wednesday the final 12 jurors and two or three alternates will likely be chosen.