OKC Man Discovers Human Remains On Walk Home

Monday, September 11th 2017, 6:47 pm
By: News 9

An investigation is underway after a man walking in an Oklahoma City field came across human remains last week near Reno Avenue and Pennsylvania Avenue.

The area below the Crosstown Boulevard ramp to I-40 is filled with dense vegetation and does not get many visitors, but Billy Johnson considers it fate that he ended up there last week. After getting a flat tire on Thursday, Johnson decided to make his way home on foot.

“There’s a bulldog there and he starts chasing me,” recalls Johnson. “I knew I couldn’t outrun him so I decided I’m going to jump the fence.”

Johnson still has cuts on his arms from the barbed wire, but what is staying with him longer is the image of a skull lying in the grass. “If I wasn’t looking down, I probably would have walked right on it,” he says.

“I could tell it was human,” Johnson continues, “but it had the teeth knocked out, still had a little bit of skin on it.”

Johnson says he called 911, but police did not respond to the scene right away. He says he called again over the weekend to make sure they were taking him seriously.

After Johnson showed responding officers the field, crime scene investigators found bones in several different locations Sunday, eventually leaving with four biohazard trash bags filled to the brim. The state medical examiner is now working to identify the person and determine how and when they died.

Officer Megan Morgan says, “This type of investigation will take some time due to the lack of evidence at this point.”

While the discovery still gives Johnson nightmares, he knows he was put there for a reason. “I wish it wasn’t me,” he says, “but in a way I’m kind of glad I did because now we can find out who it belongs to. That way the family can have closure.”

Detectives will be looking into missing persons from the area during this investigation. If you have any information about a possible victim, call police.