My 2 Cents: Too Many Political Questions In Miss America Pageant

Wednesday, September 13th 2017, 11:22 pm
By: News 9

So, I was watching the Miss America pageant Sunday night - I know, I know the Dallas Cowboys were playing the Giants, that's another story all together.

So, I was watching Miss America Sunday night, and they get to the question segment of the competition, usually good for a cringe worthy moment or two. But this time it wasn't the answers that made me cringe, it was the questions that were political and very leading.

The first question came from American Idol winner Jordin Sparks, who has since tweeted out that the celebrities didn't come up with the questions. She asked Miss Missouri if the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians. Really, there's no way she could know, the producers just wanted to bring it up. 

A celebrity asked a contestant about the violent demonstrations in Virginia, "The President said there was shared blame with quote very fine people on both sides. Were there?"

One contestant was asked if it was a good or bad decision, by the President, to pull out of the International agreement on man-made climate change.

And another was asked if we should keep or get rid of the Confederate statues around the country?

Can we just stop, stop trying to slam politicians we disagree with, sick of it in sports, entertainment, schools, I'm sick of it, how about you?

I'm Kelly Ogle and that's My 2 Cents.