Serial Robber Linked To Seven Armed Robberies In Metro

Thursday, September 14th 2017, 6:42 pm
By: News 9

Police want to take a serial robber off the streets before he strikes again. The suspect is linked to at least seven armed robberies in the metro. The most recent target was a Family Dollar store near S Portland and Newcastle Rd.

The cashier who was held at gunpoint on Sunday evening is frustrated because her store twice has been targeted twice.

“When he first came in," Family Dollar store employee Tabitha Kamunya said, "I was like 'are you serious, dude?' Just got robbed, like, a little less than a month ago.”

Do not mistake Kamunya’s calm demeanor as not taking the situation seriously, though. She is the cashier seen in the video released Thursday by police. She said, in both robberies, the suspect used the same modus operandi.

“Same shoes. Same outfit. A little beanie and looked like the same goggle things he had on and everything.”

She said on his most recent trip, the suspect was waving the gun around demanding all the money out of the registers.

“He gets mad and comes around where I’m at. He’s like, 'hurry up and get the drawer open.'”

She immediately complied and the customer at the register stayed calm.

“I’m not trying to risk my life,” said Kamunya. "Just take it and get out. I have a family to come home to.”

Police are sure the suspect is the same person who hit the same Family Dollar store on August 14. Police said he also robbed five other stores throughout the metro. In all of them, he wears a black ski mask and goggles or glasses.

“His robbery pattern continues,” said Oklahoma City Police Msgt. Gary Knight. “He’s committed seven of them that we know of and our detectives are seeing if they can link him to any others in the city.”

Kamunya said officers were close to catching him during the most recent robbery. She said a customer at the back of the store called police while the suspect was grabbing the cash.

“If they would have just gotten there a minute or two earlier," Kamunya said, "they probably would have gotten him."

Police said the suspect has robbed three different Family Dollars stores, a Dollar General store, Big Buys, and a Little Caesars pizza. No one has been injured.