Edmond Electric Crews Help Floridians After Irma

Tuesday, September 19th 2017, 5:41 pm

Cleanup from Hurricane Irma continues. The storm shredded the power grid leaving millions without power. As fast as Irma moved out, crews from Edmond Electric moved in to help.

The crew of Wes Bennett, Mike Crow, Ed Drake, Jake Smith, Brian Flanagan, Calab Lenz and David Trent left town in the early morning hours of September 10th. After waiting for Irma to pass, they arrived in New Smyrna beach on Florida's east coast.

“When something like this happens, the guys want to help,” said Line Supervisor Wes Bennett. “They know that even by the time we get here to help the people have been without power for several days. It’s hot, they’re tired. They’re already scared from the hurricane coming through.”

After helping restore power in New Smyrna Beach they moved on to Bartow, Florida.

“The area we were working here in Bartow, it reminded us of a tornado,” said Bennett.  “We kind of know how to handle that one.”

Irma knocked out power to the entire city and the Edmond crew worked 16-hour days to help get them back on-line.

“The people here have been amazing. People stopping by giving us water, food, thanking us.”

And they were happy to help, especially knowing first-hand how invaluable out-of-state assistance is when Mother Nature strikes.

“We’ve always gotten help from anyone in Oklahoma when we’ve had a disaster and it was nice to repay that by coming here and helping them,” said Bennett.

The crew is now on their way back home.