Adult Website Ends Up On Candidate's Expense Report

Thursday, September 28th 2017, 6:43 pm
By: Aaron Brilbeck

Every candidate for public office has to fill out expense reports, but one candidate says he reported a lot more than even he expected. Jason Reese, a Candidate for House District 83, said "It's, it's embarrassing. And I'm very disappointed."

Reese says his accountant submitted his expense reports, but apparently was also surfing some adult sites at the same time and accidentally included in the list of purchases an adult search term. 

"The accountant who was serving as my treasurer inadvertently copied and pasted let’s say an inappropriate, sexually-oriented phrase rather than the correct phrase which was the very exciting Processing Fee." Reese said.

When word got out, Reese says he called the accountant. "Of course I got on the phone right away, called him and asked him how on earth could this happen.  When he explained it to me I understood and said, 'Well I'm going to need your resignation. We're going to have to move on.'"

Reese released a copy of the resignation letter which reads, in part, "I believe that this error is mine and mine alone and I take full responsibility. Therefore, I hereby tender my full and immediate resignation."

Reese also released copies of his bank statements showing no inappropriate purchases were made. The Oklahoma Ethics Commission said sometimes clerical errors happen when inputting expenses, but this type of misreporting is a first. 

Reese stresses, "I had nothing to do with any kind of illicit expenditures, any kind of inappropriate use of campaign resources, anything like that. It was unfortunately a staffer who made a mistake."