Wig Wearing Thief Steals $4600 Trumpet From Gilliam Music in Norman

Tuesday, October 3rd 2017, 10:31 pm
By: News 9

Police in Oklahoma City and Norman are looking for a man who donned a red wig before stealing a $4,600 trumpet from Oklahoma City’s Larsen Music last Thursday. 

Norman Police got involved because a man tried to pawn that same trumpet off for 1$,600 dollars the following day at Gilliam Music in Norman.  Larsen and Gilliam are sister stores.  Long-time Gilliam employee Pat Crumpley knew the man was coming, and did his best to stall for time. 

The suspect left the store, without the trumpet.  However, a woman showed up at Gilliam the following day, and said she was there to collect the $1600 dollars or she wanted the trumpet back.

“I made a big production of getting all her information and copying her drivers license, an then told her I was having trouble with the copier,” he said. 

Crumpley says Norman Police arrived a short time later, and interviewed the woman.  There have been no arrests yet.  Norman Police say they plan to deliver the stolen trumpet back to Oklahoma City Police for evidence purposes.  

Walt Myrick is a long-time associate at Larsen Music.

“It’s pretty stupid to gamble the rest of your life doing something stupid like that,” he said Tuesday.