Edmond Teen Arrested For Assaulting Student With Special Needs

Monday, October 9th 2017, 10:31 pm
By: News 9

An Edmond Memorial High School student was arrested for assault and battery after reportedly punching a student with special needs repeatedly in a school bathroom.

According to an Edmond Police report on October 4, the victim said, "I was just talking to my friends and one of my friends said 'Do you want to fight'? I said 'no' but his friends took me into the restroom."

A student reportedly captured what happened on camera. Police said the person taping the incident said, “Why do you do him like that?” Police said the footage shows the victim being hit "very hard" in the chest. He turned his back to the suspect, who continued to punch him, according to authorities.

The police officer said in the report, from his training in dealing with children with special needs, as well as having a special needs son of his own, he saw in the video the victim "completely shut down for a few seconds, by putting his head up against the wall in order to protect himself from the assault."

In the video, police said the suspect yelled at the victim to hit him. But the boy said "no" and walked out of the bathroom.

The video was reportedly shared on various private social media channels. District officials said once the video spread, students rightly brought it to the attention of administrators.

Edmond Memorial parent Robbie Repola said he hopes all involved are held accountable. “That is just unacceptable. It infuriated me. It upset me for all kinds of reasons. And I felt I needed to make sure the family of the kid that got beat up knew that there were other people who were hurt and upset by it,” he said.

According to the police report, the suspect was processed at the Edmond Jail and released to his guardian.

News 9 asked if the suspect would be allowed to return to school after the incident, but district officials said they cannot comment on any action that may have been taken against those involved.

News 9 also asked if any additional security measures will be taken or changes made to restroom procedures at the school in response to this. District officials said, “As with any incident, administration will consider ideas that will help us create a safe environment for all students.”