Latest Oklahoma Student Test Results Released

Thursday, October 12th 2017, 7:37 am
By: Grant Hermes

Oklahoma has changed its education standards to be more in line with national standards. 

The new numbers are thought to be a more accurate look at how ready students are for college and the students' results are bleak.

The new standards are split into four groups; advanced, proficient, basic and below basic. The last two there used to be known as limited knowledge and unsatisfactory. Proficient is the passing standard.

The results, which are based on latest round of testing, show nearly 48 percent of 10th graders were basic or below basic in U.S. history knowledge.

About 65 percent were below proficient in English and language arts skills.

Approximately 75 percent were basic or below basic in math skills.

A stunning 81 percent were basic or below in science compared to the nation. 

There are numbers out for third through the 10th grades, but News 9 chose to look at the older students because they're the age group most preparing for college. 

State Department of Education officials did warn districts that scores would change and most of them in the negative direction.

"In the past, there may be a family that's had students that were advanced, and now, they may be showing they may be proficient and showing room to grow beyond that," state Superintendent Joy Hofmeister said.

As far as how this will affect teachers and school report cards, that's still up in the air because officials are still waiting on data.

Those results won't be public until the fall of next year.

Numbers for individual schools and students should be out sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas.