New Murals Coming To Bricktown

Thursday, October 19th 2017, 7:02 pm
By: Karl Torp

A 10,000 square foot mural is beginning to take shape in the underpass on Main Street at the E.K. Gaylord near Bricktown.

It is the work of local artist Kris Kanaly, who uses bright spray paint colors to bring his vision to life.

“A lot of people describe the work as fantasy land,” said Kanaly, whose previous mural was 3,000 square feet.

Everything in the underpass with the exception of the ceiling is being spray painted. That includes 45 bridge pillars.

“Public art is a great tourism beacon,” said Kanaly who is working with Downtown OKC Inc. on the project.

“It is an honor,” added Kanaly.

This is the third underpass going into Bricktown that will have a mural.

The project costs $20,000, according to Downtown OKC Inc. That includes the 800 spray paint cans.

Kanaly, who free hands the work and is getting help by two other artists, hopes to be completed in two more weeks.