OKCPS Board Votes To Change Three School Names

Tuesday, October 24th 2017, 7:51 am
By: News 9

School board members for Oklahoma City Public Schools vote unanimously to change the names of three schools named after Confederate leaders.

There was a lot of back and forth discussion at Monday night's school board meeting but district leaders ultimately made the decision to change this schools names.

The school district took time to research and verify the connection between three Oklahoma City Public Schools and Confederate leaders: Isaac Stand Waite, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson.

School District Superintendent Aurora Lora issued a statement following the decision and said, in part, "…I hope to use this as a teachable moment for our students and to establish a positive image and a sense of pride for these school communities to carry them into the future."

The unanimous decision to change the names comes with a price tag of more than $40,000 for all three schools. 

Board members said  outside donors have offered to foot the bill.

The school board launched a survey for the public to get input on the renaming process.

Generally, district leaders said schools can be named for the services they provide, for the neighborhood they are in, geographical features, or for people.

The deadline for survey input is November 30.

Toward the end of the year, committees made up of community members and stakeholders will narrow down the options for the schools.

In February, the school board and students at affected schools will review two to three options each.

The vote on the new names should come in May.

The district is scheduled to update signage reflecting the new names next June and July.

Click here to view the survey.