Repeat Car Burglar Caught On Surveillance

Wednesday, October 25th 2017, 9:29 pm
By: News 9

The Moore Police Department is looking for information on a suspect who has committed several auto burglaries in the city.

The most recent report was from October 23rd. Police say three separate reports were made from the same area of car burglaries. All the vehicles were left unlocked, according to Sergeant Jeremy Lewis. He said this isn’t the first time he has seen this unknown woman on surveillance video.

“It looks like the same person,” said Sgt. Lewis, “so most likely she is doing this multiple times, night after night. It varies. We’ve had anything from guns to purses to money stolen.”

Jessica Suarez is the most recent victim on Atalon Drive. She said she normally locks her car but forgot to do it one night. “The door was cracked open,” Suarez said as she pointed at the car door.

Because of frequent auto burglaries in her neighborhood, Suarez already installed surveillance cameras on her home. It captured the woman committing the crime.

“It was a white car that she was in,” she said. "She had some long blonde hair. She had a baseball cap."

Pamela Cubas is another neighbor who has experienced auto burglary. She hosted a Christmas party last year at her home. Eight cars were parked outside and three were broken into. She said it has been increasing lately.

“The best thing ever is getting to know your neighbor,” Cubas suggests.

They have created an online neighborhood watch on Facebook to share information with each other. Most of the residents have also installed surveillance cameras. They also constantly remind each other to lock their doors.

Anyone with information on the suspect should contact the Moore Police Department at 405-793-5171.