Superintendent Hofmeister Visits Mustang Schools

Monday, October 30th 2017, 6:45 pm

It's a difficult time for schools in our state. But Monday, State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister got a chance to visit Mustang High School to see some of the positive things that are happening.

Superintendent Hofmeister spent about two hours touring the school and talking to students.   

The State superintendent was first treated to a short concert by kids from nearby Trails Elementary before hearing from star high school students.

“We want to tell our story so she can go out there and fight for public education,” said Dr. Teresa Wilkerson.

In Mustang, 84 percent of students participate in extra-curricular activities. Hofmeister says that is a shift in focus at the state level - to increase engagement in school activities so students can figure out what they want to do in life. Mustang is a pilot for that program.

“If you’re involved in National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, Jazz Choir you have a bigger purpose,” said Rebekah Pope who is the Student Council President as well as the Senior Class President. “It’s bigger than you at that point because you’re connected to something.”

The State Superintendent visits schools across the state periodically. She says she selects schools that have something unique.

“We know it’s a challenging time and it’s a reminder of what we’re fighting for, what is so important and that we are able to insure it continues and that our kids are able to grow and our teachers are supported,” said Superintendent Hofmeister.

And she had high praise for what's happening at Mustang.

“This is a great model of what we’d like to see scaled all across the state.”

The Mustang superintendent also praised Hofmeister saying he’s pleased the way her office has gone from a compliance agency to a support agency.

Superintendent Hofmeister ended the day by telling administrators, teachers and students just despite everything else that's happening in the state just not to get discouraged.