My 2 Cents: Texans Players Kneel Over Owner's "Inmates" Comments

Monday, October 30th 2017, 10:55 pm
By: News 9

There was a story that made me cringe every time I heard it this weekend.

It was how upset many of the Houston Texan football players were after hearing that their team's owner had made a comment in a NFL owners meeting about the recent National Anthem protests.

He said "We can't have the inmates running the prison."

Well, most of the Texan players took a knee during the National Anthem before Sunday's game, not because of racial injustice, but because their feelings were hurt.

Can't be racial injustice this time, this was different because the Texans' owner was referring to blacks, whites, hispanics and so on. Maybe the owner really thinks you are his inmates?

Let's see, average salary looks like it's over 2 million dollars. Texas inmates make nothing for their behind bars job. Houston Texans can leave the team anytime they want and demand a trade to another team if they're unhappy; inmates they're kind of stuck where they are.

Get my point... it was a metaphor, look it up.

This generation of NFL players have been so pampered in college and the NFL, so coddled by those trying to keep them happy, that someone throws a sideways glance at them and they lose it.   

Toughen up cupcakes, people call me names every day, David Payne calls me names every night, maybe I'll start taking a knee during weather.

I'm Kelly Ogle and that's My 2 Cents.