Police Investigate Fatal Shooting In NW OKC Walmart Parking Lot

Sunday, November 5th 2017, 4:35 pm
By: News 9

Police are investigating Oklahoma City’s latest homicide, after man was found with a gunshot wound in a Walmart parking lot during a busy day of Sunday shopping.

The victim crashed his truck into a car outside the store at Pennsylvania Avenue and Memorial Boulevard, but police still are not sure if that is where the shooting actually took place. Crime scene investigators had to process the entire south side of the Walmart parking lot to try to gather evidence about what happened. They are also reviewing the available surveillance video and interviewing witnesses to try to figure it out.

The call first came out as a vehicle crash, after a pickup truck slammed into a parked car on the south side of Walmart's parking lot. Officer Jeff Dutton says, “They actually found out that there was some sort of confrontation in the parking lot close to the south side. That confrontation led to one of the vehicles speeding off from that area.”

The truck that sped west to east through the south end of the parking lot was being driven by the victim. He was transported by ambulance to the hospital, but was pronounced dead from at least one gunshot wound.

Witnesses tell police they did not hear any shots fired, but noted that another car may have been involved. “There was a black sedan that was close to our victim’s vehicle at the time that we think the confrontation or the incident occurred, before the vehicle left that area,” Dutton says.

While details are limited in the early stages of this investigation, police hope additional information from citizens will help. “It’s Sunday,” says Dutton. “Everybody is trying to buy their groceries and everything, so we’re pretty confident that we have enough witnesses that saw portions of the incident. We can put together the pieces.”

Police have not yet released the victim’s identity. News 9 expects to learn more about the victim and the possible suspect vehicle on Monday.