AAA Gives Safety Tips To Drivers After Time Change

Wednesday, November 8th 2017, 7:54 am
By: News 9

Oklahoma has been seeing an increase in the number of accidents involving pedestrians, and accidents that can end a life occur within a split second and are often avoidable, according to AAA. 

"I doubt there is ever an auto-ped crash that the people do not leave changed forever, traumatized by the situation," AAA spokeswoman Leslie Gamble said.

AAA encourages drivers to slow down, turn on your headlights to become more visible during early morning and evening hours, and to keep vehicle headlights and windows (inside and out) clean to avoid glare or obstruction of view. 

Just this week, emergency responders were called to Rockwell Avenue and Melrose Lane where a man was killed after he was hit by a car.

Police reported he was wearing dark clothing and was not seen by the driver until it was too late.

AAA reminds all pedestrians and cyclists to wear bright color clothing, and to use reflectors and even a flashlight. 

AAA Oklahoma said with the sun setting earlier, drivers have to be more vigilant than ever when it comes to safety since our vision is extremely limited at night. 

Because of that, AAA said motorists should focus on night driving safety measures the moment the sun sets. 

They said it's one of the most challenging times to drive because our eyes are frequently adjusting to the increasing darkness.

"We know that 90 percent of drivers' reactions are based on visual ques. Vision is key to drivers," Gamble said.

AAA recommends drivers wear high-quality sunglasses and adjusting the car's sun visors as needed. 

Use of the night setting on rearview mirrors can also help to reduce glare from headlights approaching from the rear.