Edmond Family Driven From Home By Toxic Mold

Thursday, November 9th 2017, 6:43 pm
By: Karl Torp

An Edmond woman says she is living a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Months after Courtney Steward moved into her home that was less than 5 years old, she discovered toxic mold.

Steward says her chocolate lab gave her the first indication something was wrong at the home.

“Tallulah was going crazy every time we walked into the house,” says Steward, who adds the dog really started barking when she went into her master bathroom.

Shortly after, she noticed an orange liquid coming from the cabinet above the toilet. When it got worse, a home inspector removed some of the drywall and found the black mold. The orange liquid turned out to be glue from the cabinets after the mold had eaten through the back of the cabinet.

“So scary," says Steward, "especially when you have a young child. From that leak, it just became a nightmare."

The mom was told to grab her 4-year-old daughter and dog and get out of the house immediately. Clothes are now being cleaned. Cabinets, drywall and flooring are being replaced. After three weeks, the family is about to move back into their home.

Steward jokes that she promises to pay closer attention to Tallulah. “What I now know, she realized she was trying to get me out of the bathroom. Tallulah was the hero.”