Citizen Fires Gun At Police Chase Suspect's Stolen Vehicle

Friday, November 10th 2017, 10:40 pm
By: Bonnie Campo

Brenton Hager, the man arrested for a multi-county police chase, has been booked into the Cleveland County Jail.

One week ago, the truck involved in the chase went missing out of Grady County. By chance, officers say it was spotted by the owner this morning on SW 44th and Agnew, pulling a trailer. That’s when they began what turned out to be a nearly three-hour pursuit. Hager even broadcast the chase from inside the stolen truck. The chase took over the interstate, neighborhoods, and even off-road. Police said Hager stopped multiple times and threw items out of the vehicle.

During one of those stops, he was met by a man, Craig Wright, with a concealed carry license who tried to stop the chase by trying to shoot out the truck's tires. Wright was at first taken into custody but later released. At this point, he faces no charges.

“I was more concerned about him hurting himself," Wright said, "and possibly hurting anybody else. Those are my two biggest concerns.”

Hager was able to make it to a nearby field on SW 164th. Hager crashed into at least three cars during the chase, even hitting a News 9 vehicle. Eventually, he jumped the road and ended up in a nearby pond.

“He was having fun," Cleveland County Sheriff Todd Gibson said, "and he knew he was caught when he was in the middle of the field and he didn’t want to go to jail. That’s not a decision that the sheriff's department is going to allow him to dictate.”

Hager was shot with a stun gun before the arrest and taken to Norman Regional Hospital soon after. He was treated and then booked into jail.

As for what he has to say about the man who fired the bullets at the stolen truck, Sheriff Gibson said, “(he) still pretty upset the gentleman up north that shot at him."

Hager could a felony alluding charge as well as a charge of endangerment of a law enforcement officer because one of the three cars he hit belonged to a deputy.