Anniversary of 17-Year-Old Midwest City Murder Case

Wednesday, November 15th 2017, 9:01 pm

Thursday marks close to two decades since 32-year-old Nancy Probst was shot in the head while in her own Midwest City home. Her 9-month-old daughter was just in the other room.

Family says Nancy’s husband Matthew Probst was originally charged in connection to the murder and spent 13 months in county jail. However, shortly before the preliminary hearing, he was released. Relatives say he now lives in Sherman, Texas. Midwest City Police who have worked the crime from the get go say they cannot rule him out of their investigation, but felt they needed a stronger case.

“When you bring someone to trial,” said Midwest City Assistant Police Chief Sid Porter, "you get one chance at it. It's better to wait than for someone to do something one time and someone get away on a technicality or something."

There are still a number of questions around the case.

Supposedly, Matthew called the home repeatedly while he was at work, but when he got home, he parked a few houses down from his own property and called police without going inside the house. Money was also found inside the property and police say that makes them think it wasn’t a robbery.

While Nancy was killed from a gunshot, her autopsy reveals she also had bruising on her body that appeared to have taken place over different time periods.

Family says Matthew and Nancy were only married for a few years before she was killed.

Nancy’s brother Byron Helmle adopted the couple’s child following the murder. She was raised by that family and is now 17 years old.

Family says through the ups and downs, Midwest City Police have never given up.

Helmle said, “I don't have words for it. God help them that they can do something and I am very grateful for their help.”

If you know anything about the case, you’re asked to contact Midwest City Police.

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