Family Robbed At Gunpoint Inside Their Home In SW OKC

Thursday, November 16th 2017, 6:43 pm
By: News 9

A frightening home invasion took place Thursday morning in a southwest Oklahoma City neighborhood.

As police wrapped up their investigation of the scene, the robbery victims swept up glass from the backdoor where the suspects busted in the home. One of the victims said her husband and two children were still asleep when she returned home from taking her oldest daughter to school.

“I get home to some tall, black guy opening the door for me,” said home invasion victim. “Pointing a gun to my head.”  

She was shocked to see four armed men in her home. After she woke up her husband, the suspects demanded he hand over one of this guns.

“They were like where is it, where is it, we want it,” said home invasion victim. “So I told them my husband sold it and they wanted the keys for the garage. That’s where all his tools are.”

They also demanded her husband to open their safe. The woman’s husband opened the safe and gave the robbers thousands of dollars in cash.

The victim said the suspects then forced everyone in the bathroom and took off.

“I’m just so glad my babies are ok,” said home invasion victim. “I’m ok, my husband is ok.”

As the robbers were leaving, her husband ran out and fired a gun four times into their front yard. The suspects also took their phones so the female victim had to run to a neighbor’s home to call police. They did not get a good look at the suspects’ getaway car.

“But if I see them again,” said home invasion victim. “I’ll know, I will recognize them.”

The residents said there were two black men and two American Indian suspects and only one of them concealed their face.