Guthrie Business Owner Catches Copper Thief

Wednesday, November 22nd 2017, 7:31 pm
By: News 9

A Guthrie business owner was tired of being a victim of theft. He decided to help police catch the suspect.

Jim Case is a trusted business owner in town. He owns Case Electric Company. He’s been working on a remodeled home, but someone has been continually breaking in and stealing the copper from his work.

The first time it happened, Case reinstalled the wiring and made sure all the doors and windows were locked before he left. The suspect came back a second time and stole more copper. Once again, there was no damage to doors or windows that showed a struggle to get in.

“It makes you so mad,” said Case.

He decided to install hidden cameras to catch the suspect. Sure enough, the culprit came back a third time and tried to steal more copper. He tore through wire and even caused a small burn from an electric spark. This time, Case called the Guthrie Police Department to stake out.

Dustin Farrow, 37, was caught and arrested at the scene.

Case believes Farrow, in total, stole about $150 worth of scrap value, but it cost him $4,500 to replace, including labor.

He also said Farrow was the contracted plumber on the job site. He knew where the key was hidden for all the contractors and took advantage of his position. He said Farrow would have made a better living if he did his job instead of stealing copper from the work site.

Farrow has a criminal background with drug possession and a threatening history. Case said the general contractor knew about his felonies, yet gave him a second chance.

“He stole from him. He stole from the HVAC guy and he stole from me and didn’t do the job,” said Case, “He’s trying to make a difference in somebody’s life and they turn around and bite your hand.”

Farrow has since bonded out of jail.  He pleaded not guilty and will be back in court on December 21.