Fire Officials Say Certain Hoverboard Pose Fire Risks

Friday, November 24th 2017, 7:59 am
By: News 9

The Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a warning to the public this month to make sure you're only buying hoverboards that meet new safety standards that help prevent fire.

They also offered some tips including make sure to have working smoke alarms throughout your residence and to never leave a hoverboard charging overnight.

This year alone, at least 10 hoverboard models have been recalled because of safety concerns.

The safety organization, Underwriters Laboratories issued UL 22-72 in February 2016 -- the first safety certification  requirements for hoverboards.

"The standards put in place were not for the safety of riding the hoverboard but the charging system -- the components that are being used and how the system charged itself. We recommend anyone who is looking for a hoverboard to look for the UL 22-72 stamp that should be on the box or on the product itself. That means it when through some stringent testing," Midwest City fire spokesman David Richardson said.

Fire officials said it's important to research hoverboards that have been recalled because some companies may be offering reimbursements.