Petition To Raise Teacher Pay To Be Revived, OKC City Councilman Says

Monday, December 4th 2017, 8:23 am
By: Grant Hermes

An Oklahoma City councilman took to social media to explain how a petition to raise teacher pay in the city failed.

City Councilman Ed Shadid said on his Facebook page the failure of that petition came in two parts. 

The first we knew already. Roughly 5,500 signatures were deemed invalid by the City Clerk's office. Shadid said that's because when some residents put down their address on the petition, they didn't put their zip code or say they whether they're address was in Oklahoma City.

The second part of the petition's failure is new. Shadid said the Oklahoma Council on Public Affairs filed a challenge against the effort to raise the City's income tax a half-percent for teacher pay raises. OCPA is a conservative statewide think tank currently pushing to increase the number of charter schools in the state. 

Shadid said petitioners plan to try again with a little more attention to detail this time. He said the legal challenge brought by OCPA is weak and they plan to fight it. Overall, he called the setback "a loss of a battle and not the war," meaning this fight is likely not over just yet.