State Speaker Renews Criticism Of Fallin's Veto

Tuesday, December 5th 2017, 8:28 am
By: Grant Hermes

The state speaker is renewing his criticism of Gov. Mary Fallin's unexpected veto of the latest budget proposal.

It comes as the governor is still waiting to announce the next special session. 

The speaker's comments come after the Oklahoma Health Care Authority was forced to cut reimbursement rates to Soonercare providers. 

In his statement, Speaker Charles McCall blames the governor for the cuts saying, "If the governor had signed the budget agreement, those cuts to provider rates and any potential cuts to other healthcare services in the coming months would have been avoided." 

Providers were told they'll lose $38 million from their budgets because of those cuts. 

McCall's criticism comes as Oklahomans wait for Fallin to call a second special session. Last week, she said she'd be waiting a few more days. Sources at the state Capitol think she won't ask lawmakers to come back to work until after the new year.

Another question is this, what if the second special session bleeds into next year's regular session?

The two could run concurrently, which could cut down on cost. The last special session cost taxpayers more than $583,000.