Oklahoma Challenges California Egg Law

Thursday, December 7th 2017, 9:30 am
By: Grant Hermes

Oklahoma is joining a dozen other states in suing California over breakfast food. 

Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter is saying something is rotten in California.

That something is a California state law that regulates animal cages and pens and Hunter claims it's unconstitutional.

The law is known as Proposition 2 and it bans tethering covered farm animals. It also requires animals to be able to lie down, stand up and turn around.

That's where eggs come in. In most states including Oklahoma, large poultry farms cram chickens into tight or over crowded quarters with very limited ways to move and California's law would require farmers here to meet it's standard in order to sell their products in the state.  

Hunter said that leaves Oklahoma farmers scrambling to upgrade their cages which can be expensive. One study from the University of Missouri says upgrades could cost farmers hundreds of millions dollars nationwide.

Oklahoma has joined 12 other states in this lawsuit. Opposition to regulations like this were at the heart of a controversial state question last year, the so-called Right to Farm measure. Oklahomans voted it down last year.