Your 2 Cents: Protesters Call For Kirk Humphreys' Resignation

Tuesday, December 12th 2017, 10:59 pm
By: News 9

Protesters are calling for former Oklahoma City Mayor Kirk Humphreys to step down or be removed from the OU Board of Regents after he made comments on a TV show about being gay and pedophilia.

Here's what you have to say about the Humphreys controversy:

Rhonda first, "Will always admire his love for Oklahoma and Oklahomans. Thankful I am not in public eye - where words and opinions are misconstrued."

But Brian writes, "Nobody is misconstruing his words, he clearly said that if homosexuality is okay, then so pedophilia. That is messed up."

From Dorothy, "He has that right to say how he feels everyone else does. Get over it. Now go find a safe place to cry and throw a tantrum."

Casey says, "He's free to say whatever he wants that's true, but that doesn't mean he's immune to being fired from the board…"

Dennis writes, "He is OU Regent and hate speech should not be tolerated! I suppose we should also tolerate racist speech?”

From Carol, "I was watching the show on Sunday and I found his honesty refreshing, but said to my husband all the idiot fringe groups were going to go nuts with it."

Rebbecca says, "There are many of us Christians that do not agree with him. Being in his position in the public, however, he must be careful of his words."

I'm Kelly Ogle and that's Your 2 Cents.