Blanchard Man Receives Death Threat From Scammer

Thursday, December 14th 2017, 7:20 pm
By: News 9

The Blanchard Police Department is investigating a death threat on one of its residents. The threat came in the form of an email. Police say it is a scam, but they are taking all precautions. The note said, “I’ve got an order to remove you”.

The letter reads in part:

I advise you to take this letter serious, if you value your life, since this is not a joke. I have been thinking for a very long time whether it’s worth writing this letter or not to you and decided that you still have the right to know the truth. I’ll try to be as short as possible. I’ve got an order to remove you, because cause trouble to a particular person. I studied you for a long period oftime and decided to give you a chance, despite the specifics of my job, the business rules of which do not allow me, as this will damage my reputation (almost 12 years of flawless executions)in some circles. But since this is my last order i decided to break some rules.

So let’s Break it down now. I want you to pay  0.4 btc. I only accept Btc. Details how to forward funds in this currency you can Google. Here are the details below:


When i'll receive funds I’ll tell you the name of the person the order came from, plus all the evidence i have. You will be able to use this information with the police or other authorities. I would not recommend you to call the police, because you have a very little time (two days) and the police simply will not have enough time to investigate.

Answering to this mail box does not make sense, because i use single use mailbox. Ill let you know as soon as I’ll get funds.

I honestly feel sorry that you became my victim.

Detective Steve Rhodes is leading the investigation on this case. In his 19 years in law enforcement, he said scammers make threats, but nothing like this.

“This one changed the game a little bit because I have never seen anybody sending a letter threatening somebody’s life.”

The victim was given 48 hours to pay 0.4 bitcoin. Bitcoin is a digital currency worth high value. One bitcoin right now is worth more than $16,000 USD. The email even indicated a code that the victim would use to send the money.

Rhodes says the IP address was spoofed multiple times, but evidence shows that the email was generated from a library in Granite, Oklahoma. It forged to Scottsdale, Arizona, then went through GoDaddy and Red Condor, back to Scottsdale and into the victim’s inbox. He is now working on finding a perpetrator in Granite.

Rhodes said they are stepping up patrol around the man’s house and keeping an eye out to make sure he is safe.

He wants the public to be aware of all scams and is asking people to not reply if they receive a threat like this. He also asks people to report incidents to their local police department.