Notorious Chase Suspect In Jail Again For Stealing Another Car

Thursday, December 14th 2017, 10:07 pm
By: Bonnie Campo

Brenton Hager, the man who led law enforcement on nearly a 3-hour chase through the Oklahoma metro, has been arrested again after bonding out of only 10 days ago.

Oklahoma City Police say they got a tip Hager was at a motel with another stolen SUV. The clerk tells News 9 Hager seemed impaired and even teased he should get a "celebrity discount" because of the notoriety he received following the chase.

Police say when they got on scene early this morning, Hager barricaded himself inside his northwest OKC motel room. When he wouldn't surrender, an officer made a call to Hager's bondsman, Ryan Gallimore, to help negotiate.

That message began, "Hello, this is Officer Stacey with the Oklahoma City Police Department. I've got an interesting situation here."

Gallimore owns Thunder Bail Bonds and Lightning Bail Bonds. He says he was asleep and actually woke up to a call from Hager and other notifications.

"I was taken aback," Gallimore says, "because I had 20 missed calls and I've never had that many missed calls overnight. I knew something was wrong. He was breathing heavy and I could hear the fear in his voice."

Hager had also made a plea for help on Facebook Live during the original multi-county chase in a stolen truck, out of Grady County, last month. After that arrest, he was booked into the Cleveland County Jail on $100,000 bond.

"Generally, that ensures the public safety," says Cleveland County District Attorney Greg Mashburn, "because it's so high that they can't make it and not get out and commit future crimes or a bondsman would be keeping close tabs on them."

Gallimore made Hager wear this ankle monitor after he bonded him out. Gallimore says he doesn't think Hager is a violent man, just making terrible decisions. He gave him this piece of advice before the surrender at the motel earlier this morning.

"Walk out with your hands up. Do the right thing. You messed up again, so just do the right thing."

Hager now faces a $1 million bond in Cleveland County. Gallimore says he'd help if could but that amount is too steep.