Davis Teacher Applies For Marriage License With Teen Student

Friday, December 15th 2017, 6:45 pm

Police in Davis say they were investigating reports of a teacher having an inappropriate relationship with a 16-year old student when the two went ahead and did something police never expected. They applied for a marriage license.

The teen’s father, William Mann, is broken.

"I'm sick. I'm sick about it. I didn't want it to happen."

Mann reluctantly agreed to let his 16-year-old son marry the teacher, 34-year-old Cassandra White.

"I weighed out the ups and downs of it and I thought, ‘Who am I?’" Mann said. "So, he asked me to do something. I did it."

Besides, Mann says, White is a single mom and he doesn't want her to lose her three children if she's arrested.

"Nope. I don't want that. Not at all. Nope. I don't want it. Not at all."

But that might happen. Even though the teen is of legal age to consent to sex, police are looking into second degree rape charges against White, because she may have been having sex with the teen while she was his teacher.

"We are a small community here,” said Davis Police Chief Dan Cooper. “You read about it in the newspaper but to actually have it happen here in your community, it's kind of a shocker."

Police say White has quit her job at the high school. Mann says his son claims he hasn't had sex with White. We knocked on her door, but no one answered.

Mann says his son is almost 17 and almost an adult, and if this is what he wants, Mann said, "It's very hard for me but this is what he asked of me and I'm his father and that's my only son."