Yukon Dad Says McDonald's Worker Threatened Him

Monday, December 18th 2017, 7:28 pm
By: News 9

A five-second video posted on Facebook by Blake Shannon is spreading quickly.

Shannon grabbed his phone to record just as he was heading out the door of McDonald’s on 4 South Mustang Road in Yukon.

He said he and his 3-year-old daughter went in on Sunday afternoon to get her a Happy Meal. After they ordered and sat down, Shannon said, “The only table available to us was extremely dirty.”

Shannon said he went to the counter multiple times and asked for a rag to clean it. The employees told him that was against store policy and that the person who cleans tables is busy. About 20 minutes later, Shannon said he went back to the counter to ask for a refund instead. He didn’t want his daughter getting sick from eating on a dirty table.

While he was asking one woman for a $3.88 refund, Shannon said another woman started yelling at him, using profanity.

“She said if you talk to my mom that way again I’ll beat you’re a**, you white mother ****er. She called me a gringo.”

Shannon said he was never rude and never raised his voice at the women.

“She came from behind the counter with her mother and confronted me, cussing me out, threatening me with violence,” said Shannon.

He said he and his daughter backed away and he got her out the first set of doors.

He then picked up his phone and recorded the end of the confrontation where one woman told him to have a nice day.

He said she changed her tone as soon as the camera came out. That woman was using obscene language also, but not threatening him. Then the five-second video shows the employee who was causing the most issues. That woman screamed the f-word at Shannon.

His biggest frustration is the way they scarred his daughter.

“She’s been truly scared, fearful for the first time in her life and for a good reason. She should have been scared. I was scared.”

He hopes that employee will understand the emotional damage she has done to a toddler.

News 9 reached out to the owner of the franchise and McDonald’s corporate office, but did not get a response at the time of this publication.