SUV Full Of Christmas Gifts Stolen In Norman

Sunday, December 24th 2017, 7:34 pm
By: Caleigh Bourgeois

An Oklahoma grandmother is picking up the pieces after her SUV full of presents was stolen.

Mary Gonzales was in Norman Friday, visiting family and unloading the vehicle.

She says it just took a matter of seconds for a thief to jump into the Navigator and take off.

“It happened in seconds. I mean, we were talking, we were getting the bags. We just looked up, and off it went,” Gonzales said.

The SUV is a 2006 gold-toned Lincoln Navigator. It has light brown seats, and the right mirror is held up by tape.

Gonzales, of Midwest City, had filled the car with presents for her several children and grandchildren when it was stolen. She says she’s thankful her young ones weren’t inside the car at the time.

“If they were in the car, what would he have done? Would he have taken it then? We don't know,” Gonzales said.

The car was the family’s main mode of transportation. Gonzales used it to drive her grandchildren to school.

“I would do anything for them. I wish I was younger, stronger.  Maybe I would have tried to stop the guy,” Gonzales said.

In the meantime, Gonzales and her family say they have filed police reports with Norman and Oklahoma City Police.

The grandmother managed to locate a few presents for her loved ones, but until her car is found, she doesn’t know how she’ll get by.

”Be a gentleman and give back the car. That’s all I want,” Gonzales said.