Metro Teacher Falls For Soldier 'Catfishing' Scam

Tuesday, January 2nd 2018, 6:49 pm
By: Karl Torp

An Oklahoma City school teacher hopes you can learn from her after she was scammed.

Holly Wilson, 42, says she was contacted by a man she met at college decades ago. He claimed he was soldier serving overseas in the army and provided a picture of himself in uniform.

They only spoke once on the phone and communicated for six months through online messages.

Just last week, Wilson said the man asked for money. She sent him around $1,400 in iTunes gift cards.

In exchange, the soldier said he’d wire his military pay checks to her account.

The checks came in, but all of them turned out to be bogus.

“Because I was a trusting person, I got screwed and its really hurts,” said Wilson.

Wilson said the man even hacked her bank account with the information he knew.

The OKC teacher said the two communicated through an online app called “Google Hangouts.”

Wilson said his insistence on using the Hangout App should have been red flag.

Wilson is now changing account information at her bank and has been told that she will receive most of the money back from Apple.