2 Still In Serious Condition After Alleged Street Race On New Year's Day

Wednesday, January 3rd 2018, 5:32 pm

A 17-year-old girl was one of two people badly injured during a crash on New Year's Day. Police say the crash was the result of street racing.

The driver of the white car, Trever Updegraff is currently in intensive care with multiple injuries. His passenger Joleigha Miller was also badly injured.

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“She’s in a lot of pain,” said her mother Sandra on Wednesday.

Joe's parents say she has a skull fracture, multiple broken bones, may have suffered a stroke, and has possible hearing loss.

“They’re both in bad shape, but they’re alive and that’s what’s important,” said Joleigha’s father Larry.

Especially considering the severity of the accident.  According to the police report, both drivers admitted to racing.

Officers on the scene say Updegraff first ran into another vehicle in front of him then was hit by the driver of the other car he was racing, which caused him to lose control and flip.

Updegraff, however, told News 9 he wasn't racing, but was trying to get away from the other driver who was driving erratically.

The driver of the other car, Anthony Herbison, was taken to jail. When News 9 contacted him Wednesday, he hung up the phone.

Joleigha's parents say they're still trying to figure out exactly what happened as well, but they know one thing for sure - “Leave the racing on the track,” they both said.

There has been a GoFundMe set up to help Joleigha's family with expenses. Click here if you would like to donate.