Oklahoma Pilot Of Missing Plane Beloved By Community

Thursday, January 4th 2018, 7:10 pm

Friends of an Oklahoma City doctor who went missing above the Gulf of Mexico are waiting for updates.

Dr. Bill Kinsinger is a husband, father anesthesiologist and pilot.

Friends say above all, he is a caregiver of humans and animals.

"He has a legacy that he will leave that is something we all pray that we could do," Kinsinger's friend, Vikki Smith said.

What the doctor has done spans many years and states. 

Kinsinger has flown dozens of rescue dogs for Pilots 'N Paws and Smith's organization, Fetch Fido a Flight.

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"The trips that he takes on his little plane, he completely does that on his own. He pays for the fuel, the plane, his time," Smith said.

Time is precious for Kinsinger, but Smith said he never shows any stress. In fact, he told his friend he's hoping to expand to help more animals.

"He was partnering with another friend and they were going to buy a larger plane and start a transport company," Smith said.

Smith says she's holding out hope for Kinsinger, a man who gives so much hope  to so many.

"Every minute of his life is spent either helping animals or planning his next trip," Smith said.

Wednesday's plane trip was to transport this a from Texas to a foster in Oklahoma City. 

Thursday, that mission will be completed in Kinsinger's honor at Wiley Post.

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