Midwest City Industrial Site Put On EPA Superfund List

Wednesday, January 10th 2018, 6:53 pm
By: Karl Torp

The Environmental Protection Agency has placed a contaminated industrial site in Midwest City on the national priorities list for Superfund sites.

The EPA said groundwater around the former Eagle Industries site at 10901 SE 29th is polluted with trichlorethylene or TCE. 

The Dept. of Environmental Quality said the TCE was used to clean airplane equipment.

Eagle Industries closed in 2010 and had worked with the DEQ since 2003 to clean soil at its site.

“They didn’t handle the TCE very well and they spilled some of it and it quickly migrated into the ground water,” said the DEQ’s Amy Brittain.

Brittain said TCE has been detected in the well water at five homes within 200 feet on the Eagle Industries site, but all amounts are below the unsafe limit.

The DEQ will continue to monitor levels, but now a more extensive clean up can start that is paid for by the federal government.

“There are various technologies that can clean up this ground water,” said Brittain, who said there is no telling no much TCE was spilled.

The DEQ said the TCE in the ground water has been moving more south in recent years, closer to homeowners wondering is their well water will be contaminated next.

“Our children and grandchildren have been raised here and suddenly everything is at a loss,” said Kent Hadick, who lives a half mile south of the Eagle Industry site in Oklahoma City.