Oklahoma Seeks Teachers With Emergency Certification

Friday, February 2nd 2018, 8:13 am
By: News 9

While the number of regular teachers in the Oklahoma City Public School District is going down, the number of emergency certified teachers in the district is rising.

Star Spencer High School is not immune to the changes in the district.

One of their new non-traditional emergency certified teachers is a game-changer in the classroom.

"I'm kind of late in the game. It's something I wish I'd done 20 years ago," said Rosalyn Benjamin, an emergency certified teacher at Star Spencer High School.

But for Benjamin, it’s better late than never.

Principal Brian Hinson said he had a 40 percent turnover rate in teachers at Star Spencer between last year and this year.

He said teachers like Benjamin are a welcome change.

"It can be good. You get new ideas, new faces. You get individuals that want to be here," Hinson said.

She doesn’t just want to be here, she says she needs it.

"I need them just as much as they need me and I know that might sound cliche, but it's the truth," Benjamin said.

According to the district, emergency certified teachers are in high demand. The district started the year with 141 and, as of last week, there are 217.

Benjamin said she’s one of those teachers who doesn’t plan on going anywhere soon.