New Plan Emerges To Avert Oklahoma Teacher Walkout

Tuesday, March 20th 2018, 7:08 pm

A new plan that could give teachers a raise and avert a walkout is being discussed behind closed doors at the Capitol. It incorporates parts of other failed plans to develop a plan that seems to work for Republicans and Democrats. 

Here’s how the numbers break down:

Teacher Pay Plan:


  • 5% Gross Production Tax = $200M
  • $1.50 Cigarette Tax = $250M
  • .06 Cent Fuel Tax = $172M
  • Cap Gains Exemption = $120M
  • Itemized Deduction Cap = $108M
  • Hotel/Motel Tax = $50M
  • Ball and Dice = $22m
  • Total = $922M


  • $209M = $5,000 Teacher Raise
  • $65M = $2,500 Support Staff Raise
  • $75M = School Supplies
  • $250M = Healthcare
  • $71M = State Employee Raise
  • Total = $670M

Additional Revenue

  • $252 M

Sources say most rank and file lawmakers, Republican and Democrat, back the bill. But Republican leadership in the Senate is still pushing a plan that will fail in the House; and Republican House leadership is pushing a plan, called the POE plan, that doesn’t offer a funding source.

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“You know they know what this plan is, but they’ve got all these other plans. You know the POE plan and the whatever plan. Everybody’s got a plan, but nobody’s got any movement on any of the plans,” said Representative Mark McBride (R) Assistant Majority Floor Leader.

Teachers lobbying lawmakers at the Capitol back the plan.

“We’ve asked for $6,000 for the first year. We realize we’re not going to get $10,000 in one year. But we need to start somewhere,” said John Croisant, a teacher at Edison Preparatory School Tulsa.

“It’s the deal that’s out there. I mean we should be finding a compromise on this deal instead of trying to figure out all these other deals,” said McBride said. “So, it’s time for us to do something.”

Without a plan in place teachers say they’ll walk out April 2nd.