Metro Man Accused Of Writing Death Threats To Victims From Jail

Friday, April 27th 2018, 9:28 pm
By: Bonnie Campo

A man arrested for breaking into to his next door neighbors home and threatening to kill the family inside, is in legal trouble again.

Victims say, the suspect 34-year old Luis Gonzalez, has continued to write them death threats while he's been locked up in Oklahoma County.

The break-in happened back in February, and since then the family says Luis Gonzalez has sent them 5 letters.

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“He is talking about how he wants to kill me and my family, my fiancé. And um, apparently he seems to be in love with me and all these things he wants to do to me that are inappropriate,” says one of the victims, Ashley Calvert.

The threats are violent, sexually explicit and too abrasive to recount fully.

The family has filed a protective order against Gonzalez, and asked law enforcement for further help.

The sheriff's office confirms they've spoken with the family, and provided the statement below.

"Unfortunately, we cannot stop inmates from mailing letters because the mail falls under Federal Jurisdiction. However, we can alert the postal inspector. In this case, the inmate could face additional charges if it is determined the letters rise to the level of intimidation of a witness, which is a felony charge."

But, things seem to be escalating. Just yesterday Calvert says she came home to find glass on the floor of one of her bedrooms.

“I went to take my daughter to the dentist, and his friend was over in the drive way and laughed at me and mumbled something under his breath, and we came home and had our window busted with a brick,” she says.

The family says the brick appears to have come from a pile near their home.

Unsure of their next move, they want to leave the neighborhood, but don't have the money.

“Just seeing if someone could possibly help move and maybe not want a deposit. Anything we can do to help for our protection and our safety, and keeping my kids safe is number one to me,” Calvert says.

The jail confirms Gonzalez has a criminal history that dates back at least to 2001, with charges involving domestic violence, larceny, assault and threatening acts of violence.