Charges Filed In Brutal Norman Murder

Tuesday, May 1st 2018, 6:29 pm
By: News 9

Charges have been officially filed against the man accused of brutally murdering a woman in her Norman apartment. Joe Alliniece, 29, is also charged with two counts of kidnapping.

Court documents released Tuesday reveal a woman who knew both the victim and the suspect witnessed Joe Alliniece stomping on Brittani Young's head. Brittani's cousin tells News 9 that woman, along with her young child, were held against their will.

Brittani's family says she was providing shelter to Alliniece, her old acquaintance from Texas, while he was waiting to move in with someone else in Oklahoma City. When Brittani tried to get him to leave, however, her family says Alliniece refused.

Brittani's cousin Shelby Zinn-Anderson told News 9 a friend witnessed this argument, until she had to go pick up her child from daycare.

Shelby said, “My personal opinion is that he saw her friend leaving as his opportunity to take matters into his own hands and tried to forcefully make her let him stay there, and he did not expect the friend to come back.”

Shelby says Brittani's friend did return, though, with her toddler, and banged on the door until Alliniece answered. He reportedly pulled both mother and child inside the apartment. The woman told police Alliniece had already killed Brittani, admitted it and continued to desecrate her body.

“What he done to her, I wouldn’t do to my worst enemy,” said Steve Young, Brittani’s husband. He and the rest of her family hope to see Alliniece face the death penalty for his crimes.

They say they are angry Alliniece was not already serving time for previous domestic violence cases.

“I don’t care about his record,” said Steve. “I don’t care about anything. I want him, for the crime that he committed, I want him to answer.”

“Our justice system failed my cousin,” Shelby added. “It failed my entire family and it’s a pain that we will have to live with for the rest of our lives because they let a monster walk free on multiple occasions.”

A Cleveland County judge has set Alliniece's bond at $5 million. His next court appearance is May 22.