Under Armour Makes Big Donation To 'Cleats For Kids' In Oklahoma

Wednesday, June 6th 2018, 6:32 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

A big score for Oklahoma kids, thanks to Under Armour. The company has donated several semi-trucks full of shoes and sporting equipment to “Cleats for Kids.” The shoes are being handed out to kids who otherwise couldn't afford them.

At this weekend's Wes Welker football camp, there's a little more spring in the step of many athletes.

“I could see kids…constantly looking at their shoes,” joked Southeast High School Head Football Coach Kenny Blair.

For a lot of the kids, this is the first pair of new cleats they've ever had. Some have never even had the proper shoes for the sport.

“We’ve had kids out here in tennis shoes and not just tennis shoes, worn out tennis shoes,” said Welker.

Cleats for Kids has been providing used sporting equipment to these athletes for several years. But late last year, founder Stacey McDaniel got a call from Under Armour.

“They said could you guys use some football cleats? We said we will get them on the feet of the kids in Oklahoma and that’s how it started,” said McDaniel.

Since then, pallets and pallets of shoes and sporting equipment have been delivered.

“It’s better and better. It’s better than cool,” said Blair.

Coach Blair said about 90 percent of the kids on his team in Oklahoma City can't afford new shoes.

“It may be a pair of shoes to us or society, but it’s like a brand-new car to them,” said Blair.

That drives an increase in participation, responsibility and self-confidence.

"What it does for these kids is it instills this sense of hope that somebody out there is really caring about what they’re doing,” said McDaniel.

Under Armour is also donating baseball cleats, chin straps, baseball helmets, soccer cleats and golf gear.