What You Need To Know: Moore Bond Issues

Friday, June 15th 2018, 8:26 pm
By: Bonnie Campo

An upcoming election could mean big changes for the City of Moore.

On June 26th, voters will cast their ballot and approve or deny five proposals impacting their city.

In total, if all five are passed, it could cost property tax payers $48 million.

That breaks down to $8 a month, over six year terms, for a home valued at $100,000 according to city officials.

“$43 million of the $48 million is in proposition one. Proposition one consists of a railroad underpass on Southeast 4th street that's $27.8 million,” says City Manger Brooks Mitchell.

Proposition one also has a number of other projects attached to it.

“Resurfacing eastern avenue between NE 12th Street and SE 19th Street. That will be done in two phases,” Mitchell says. “Resurfacing NE 12th Street between Eastern Avenue and I-35, and then resurfacing SW 34th Street between Telephone Road and Santa Fe. Also, widening it to four lanes.”

But the biggest piece of the that project is creating the underpass at 4th street.

For years, drivers have been blocked from crossing the tracks park on the tracks, sometimes for over 30 minutes.

“I just seen a few minutes ago, there was one train came up and he stopped, and then the other train comes and goes the other way,” says Oscar Smart, who plans on voting on June 26th.

Police and ambulances have also had to find detours when the tracks are blocked according to city officials.

Mitchell says 19th St. is overburdened with overflow traffic as a result of delays.

Still, some say property taxes are too high already.

One councilman says he hopes all the propositions pass to create necessary progress.

“Property taxes in Moore used to be up to 20 mills in the 1980’s. They still do not exceed 16.5 mills by approving this. Adjusted to inflation, property taxes have decreased on behalf of the cities portion,” says Adam Webb of Ward 1.

Ward says he hosted his own Facebook Poll and with 582 votes, 75 percent approve proposition one already.

Other projects include improvements to city landscaping and sidewalk expansion.

As for the other propositions, the city says they plan on purchasing an upgraded telephone system, providing two mechanical street sweepers, repair a 50-year old drainage channel between NW 12th and SW 4th Street and fund three railroad crossing quiet zones. The quiet zones would be at SE 34th, Main and NE 12th Streets.

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