Couple Says Lindsay EMT Was Trying To Kill Them

Monday, June 18th 2018, 6:45 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

Editor's Note: Criminal charges against Shannon Kile were dismissed in Jan. 2020. Click here to read that update.

A Lindsay EMT is facing felony charges after a Wynnewood City council member and a former Oklahoma City firefighter say he tried to kill them.

Shannon Kile was arraigned in Garvin County Court Monday afternoon. He’s facing charges of assault and battery with a deadly weapon.

Mark and Cindy Lewis say they were driving their golf cart down the street Saturday morning, when Kile plowed into the back of them.

“I really felt like at that point he really was trying to kill us,” said Cindy Lewis.

Lewis said she has whiplash and a shoulder injury from the original hit, but the frightening thing is, the Lewis’s said, Kile didn't stop.

“According to witnesses, he was pushing them at a pretty high rate of speed. The witness told me if the golf cart would have flipped, he would have ran over them. He was going that fast,” said Wynnewood Police Chief Ken Moore.

Mark said he was eventually able to steer the golf cart away from Kile.

Cindy is on the city council and Mark is retired Oklahoma City firefighter. They both own the Wynnewood Newspaper, which is why they believe Kile could have been targeting them. Although, they say he is known for intimidating lots of folks around town.

“There’s several people in town since we’ve lived here that said they’re afraid of him,” said Mark.

Following his arraignment on the advice of his attorney, Kile declined an on-camera interview. But he told police on the scene that he was stopped and Mark drove the golf cart in between his vehicle and his property, and he gassed his truck to get them separated.

A City of Lindsay official said Kile will keep his job as an EMT for now. That could change if he's convicted.

As a condition of Kile’s bail, he cannot have contact with the Lewis’s.