Coalition Opposes Medical Marijuana State Question

Wednesday, June 20th 2018, 6:40 pm

A coalition of medical, religious and business professionals is speaking out against State Question 788. That’s the question on next Tuesday’s ballot that would legalize medical marijuana. 

The coalition met with the media Wednesday, and was very careful in choosing it’s words. 

Each speaker stressed they are not opposed to medical marijuana, but say they are speaking against the wording of State Question 788. They say it is vague and seems to covers a variety of medical ailments. 

"The only supportive evidence for medical marijuana was in the cancer patient for nausea and possibly cancer related pain." Oklahoma State Medical Association Dr. Larry Bookman said .

The coalition also points out that State Question 788 doesn’t cover potency or the hundreds of strands of marijuana.

"You can't pass a law that allows all strands. It needs to be where we have studied it. Where we know about the drug." Dr. Bookman said.

Dr. Robert McCaffree of the Stephenson Cancer Center added, "Marijuana smoke contains a lot of bronchial irritants, it has carcinogens similar to tobacco."

If approved by voters, SQ788 requires any application for a medical marijuana license to be signed by an Oklahoma board certified physician.

Members of the coalition argue, if 788 passes college students can grow pot in dorm rooms; those with licenses can smoke in public places, even places where tobacco is forbidden; and they say a person could carry enough pot to roll 85 joints.

"We need to make a choice.” Dr. Bookman said,  “That we're going to do scientific backed legislation or we're going to do doctor feel good quackery."

Backers of State Question 788 argue a lot of these issues will be ironed out by the legislature. 

The governor has said if State Question 788 passes, a special session will have to be called to regulate medical marijuana.