Industry Supporters Respond To Medical Marijuana Emergency Regulations

Tuesday, July 10th 2018, 6:52 pm
By: News 9

The State Board of Health passed emergency regulations Tuesday for Oklahoma's medical marijuana program.

Members voted to add a rule that said dispensaries cannot sell smokable marijuana.

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Bud Scott with New Health Solutions Oklahoma said medical marijuana, specifically in the smokable form, can benefit patients immediately and relieve specific medical conditions.         

“We feel like that’s a pretty arbitrary rule that was passed primarily because folks really just don’t understand medical marijuana,” he told News 9. “They don’t understand how it impacts patients and how different delivery systems, I mean, smoking or ingesting or using topical applications, how those impact patients. So restricting patients’ ability to use this product in a manner that really helps them the most is really pretty arbitrary.”

The board also passed a rule that requires a pharmacist to be involved with the dispensaries.

“That’s going to increase cost tremendously to each of those dispensary operators and then again is something that is not consistent with the rest of the industry and practices across America,” Scott said. “You add on the cost of a $100,000 pharmacist for example, what do you think that does for the cost of medicine for these patients?”

Scott said the emergency regulations highlight a need for more clarity -- he believes could be addressed by the legislature. “Two words: special session,” he said.

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